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03 mai 2009

The 24 Hours of Innovation

In this trouble time, innovation is the key to move on.

Think a little bite about some of our every day gods : car, PC and internet.

Car buliding revolution take place just after 1929, with the T model bult wit the Ford model. It was a new way to built product, less expensif and so fare more cheap for every american. In a way, this is a great innovation pushed by these hard time.

PC is another great example. When you think a little bit, it's the Window system that opened up informatics for everybody. This took place at the end of the 70, just after the petrol crisis and the japonnese copying electronics. Bill Gates idea was to focus only on softwars and that made him a billionaire.

Last but not least, Internet was built by DARPA in the cold war to make the military system decentralized in order to be sure to have an operationnal systme even in case of an attack.

These few example show us that :
  • innovation is not only technology
  • innovation is a way to make things faster, cheaper, safer, smarter
  • innovation is a different way to answer a question

Innovation always needs some brilliants brains to explore some unusual way to solve probleme.
That's why it is important that people meet, exchange their idea. Indeed, innovation come often from people outside of the market, because these kind of people think different (crowdsourcing for Procter & Gamble is a good showcase with website like innocentive).

These last day, I was contacted to participate to 24 Hours of Innovation. I say immediatly yes because I want to share what I know and highlight some good innovation with everyvody interested in way to move on. Hope to meet interesting people and astonish product which could change the world. I'll be there and invit you to be part of.

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